A Solo Exhibition from MazenZein

8th of September 2016 – 8th of October 2016

Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery

Having started painting consistently for the past three years, Inner Reflections offers a window into Zein’s creativity . After experimenting with a variety of styles, Zein settled on a mixed-media approach that highlights his versatility and depth of talent.
Using a number of different materials, including acrylic paint, oils, markers of all kinds, clay, wood and more, Zein’s works defy description; the paintings leave the viewer with a sense of hope and positivity, creating a discourse between the audience and the work and inviting the viewer to suppose, to plant their own experience within the painting.
By challenging the audience to connect with his works, Zein hopes to create a sense of belief, a sense of hope and reflection. “My characters aim to pull you into a world of illusion that is interpreted by reflecting on your personal experiences,” said the artist. By challenging us to embrace what we see, Zein’s pieces spark the imagination with their vivid shapes, colors, expressions and emotions.
In a world that is so often broken and dysfunctional, Zein’s works allow us to escape our troubles and embrace a more hopeful outlook on life. For Zein, every canvas is a learning experience, a form of meditation, an expression of a pure state of mind, it seems certain that these beliefs have imbued his art with similar properties for the viewer; gazing upon Inner Reflections is certainly a relaxing, thought-provoking exercise, one that proves refreshing and inspiring. Above all though, Zein’s works carry a sense of sadness at their core. The world is a difficult place, there is hope and beauty to be found, but also a sense of melancholy that Inner Reflections brings through to the surface in a delicate, yet irrepressible manner.In order to provide a counter to this sadness, Zein’s works are full of bright, positive, strong colors that show what a beautiful mess this life is. Beautiful and broken, Zein tells us of a world begging to be redeemed.
Gaze upon Inner Reflections as a way to embrace the vast array of emotions at the heart of so many of our victories and challenges, but be sure to take away Zein’s message of hope and possibility.
“Mazen Zein’s art reflects humanity in its totality. Each figure is an articulation of different kind of emotions reflecting on the viewer’s inner soul. Mazen’s art is a universal language inviting us to meditate upon our human condition to be able to transcend its gravity.“
Cynthia Nohra, Artist, Curator and Gallerist, CNAG – Beirut.