Mazen started sculpting with clay at a young age but found that the lack of color was holding back his work. Seeking the beauty of color and the vivid sensations that color give he gradually began to paint.

This burgeoning talent has been painting for three years in his workshop on the top level of his house. “There is no similar feeling of satisfaction than the one I get every time the brush slides across the blank canvas. Whenever I paint, I get the same rush and anticipation as if it was the very first time,” said Zein. Entirely self-taught, Zein reads veraciously and learnt how to paint by devouring art books and teaching materials.

“Art should transcend beyond what the eye can see and trigger a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and the artwork we are standing in front of”, Zein says. Exploring the infinite variety of sentiment is at the root of his artistic expression . His first collection carries the theme throughout. “Humanity is a fantastic swirl of contradicting and similar feelings all happening simultaneously, and part of its beauty is the “perfection” of its “imperfection” so to speak”, he says.“I aspire for a deeper exploration of that emotional reality. Being real to ourselves, we should accept all emotion and we should not try to mask or embellish sadness, temper joy, bury grief, hide excitement… ”